Drum Forklift Attachments, Fully Powered

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Valley Craft’s Fully Powered Drum Forklift Attachments create a quick, safe and ergonomically friendly means of handling drums by utilizing power. You can simply lift, forward tilt, rotate, dump, transport and store your drums with ease, never having to leave the seat of your forklift. Compatible with all drum styles (steel, plastic and fiber) with a diameter of 18-28” and a load capacity of 2,000 lbs., drum handling and maneuvering has never been easier.

Units have hydraulic actuated jaws and an adjustable pressure gauge to help ensure the appropriate amount of pressure is applied to secure your drum without damaging it. Variable speed control improves safety and ease of operation.

Various styles and functions are available to fit your application. The Maxi Grip features a secure Clamp that is ideal for transporting and storing drums. The Versa Grip features a Clamp & Forward Tilt, providing the added functionality of tilting drums forward up to 120° to assist in dumping or storage needs. The Hydra Grip features a Clamp & Rotate, allowing units to rotate 360° continuously to assist with dumping requirements. Lastly, the Ultra Grip features the ability to Clamp, Tilt, & Rotate – ideal for the person who prefers all functionality.

Units also have the ability to be purchased in a Self-Powered or Forklift Powered option. Self-Powered units come with (2) 12V rechargeable batteries, a battery gauge, and a built-in charger (compatible with any standard outlet and extension cord). Self-powered units work for all environments and do not require a forklift powered connection. Forklift Powered units come with auxiliary lines and quick-connect couplers to easily connect to your forklift (requires available forklift auxiliary circuit). Forklift powered units operate using convenient forklift controls and have the ability to run continuously without the need to recharge.

Valley Craft’s Fully Powered Drum Forklift Attachments improve the safety and productivity of any facility that is tilting, rotating, and transporting drums by eliminating the need for manual assistance. Constructed of heavy gauge steel with a premium powder coat finish, you can be confident these units are built to last. All products are shipped fully assembled, and are made in the U.S.A.

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