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Let Our Material Handling Expertise Work For You

Since the early ‘90s, Valley Craft has been supplying customized drum carts to nationally recognized water treatment company, Nalco. The highly-specialized carts were initially developed in conjunction with Nalco’s engineers to ensure a perfect fit for their specific application.

Over the years, as Nalco’s delivery people aged, they needed to address additional cart requirements in an effort to guarantee a continually impressive safety record. Since deliveries frequently involved moving heavy containers over rough terrain, some sort of operator assist mechanism became necessary.

Working closely with actual operators, our experienced design team developed a new version of the cart, which incorporated a power-drive system. As a result, operators were no longer required to push loads that routinely approached 800 pounds. The new cart provides an exclusive front-wheel-drive mechanism and Valley Craft’s unique dual braking system, leaving operators merely to steer the cart. This change drastically reduces the amount of effort required to handle the load. The cart also features long lasting batteries and a compact on-board charging system.

To date, 25 percent of the fleet has been replaced with the new and improved carts. The benefits to the user are obvious, and there are plans to outfit the entire fleet over the next few months. The next generation cart has received universal praise for its inherent safety and labor-saving characteristics.


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