Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hoppers

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Improve Your Workflow!

Safety • Efficiency • Productivity


Safety is always our top priority!

Our Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hoppers were engineered with safety in mind. The hydraulic system powering the unit eliminates the need for any manual efforts from the operator – fully powered dumping and fully powered return to the upright position.

The operator also has the ability to stop movement of the hopper at any degree during the dumping process, providing an added level of safety that other dumping hoppers cannot offer.  This unit helps increase productivity and efficiency while reducing worker strain or injury.

Why upgrade now?

Material handling processes require both safety and efficiency, but cost-effectiveness should also be a main concern. Choosing equipment that meets those requirements is key.

Selecting this high-quality, durable product that can withstand years of industrial use, will maximize your return on investment while protecting the safety of your operators.

Hydraulic Self Dumping Hoppers


  • Requires one set of auxiliary ports with hydraulic quick couplers for easy connection.
  • Sizes available in 1 or 2-cubic yards.
  • Load capacities of 2,000, 4,000 or 6,000 lbs.
  • 5 Second cycle time to completely empty hopper.
  • Ships fully assembled ready-to-use.
  • Optional casters for added mobility.