Pallet Trucks

Pallet TrucksEZY-Tilt® handling trucks make material handling easier than ever before. The EZY-Tilt® design reduces the handling of cargo and eliminates damage. Simply slide the angled truck forks under the load, tilt forward to lock forks in place and break-over the load. EZY-Tilt® Pallet Trucks are constructed of rugged 14-gauge, 11⁄8″ O.D. steel tubing with form-fitted joints and solid welds, with reinforcement intentionally placed at the points of greatest stress. Steel, double-forked shoe locks into position automatically and is easily released by tripping a foot lever. Forks are available in two standard lengths. 1″ steel axle is encased in a protective housing. Available with optional hand brakes. Replaceable parts include shoes, axles, wheels, and tires for easy service and longer life. The optional aluminum frame is lighter than its steel counterpart, but just as reliable. Constructed of 15⁄16″, spark-resistant tubing, aluminum is recommended for services when the truck must be transported, and for use around corrosive materials. 1000-lb. capacity.

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