Forklift Attachment for Hydraulic Dumping System


Valley Craft’s Hydraulic Forklift Attachment is a component of the Hydraulic Dumping System. The attachment easily and quickly connects to the forklift, and is then ready to collect, move, and dump fully loaded Mobile Hoppers. The design of the hoppers and attachment allow for 100% dumping capability. This lift truck-powered hydraulic attachment requires an auxiliary valve control and hydraulic quick couplers on the lift truck. A secure latching system automatically locks hoppers to the attachment. The forklift operator releases the hoppers with a pull of a cord. 2,000 lb. Load Capacity. Distance between forks: 27.5″ Usable fork tube size: 2.5×6.5×31.5″

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Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 40.5 × 41 × 13 in

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