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Solutions for Safety, Efficiency, and reliability


Moving heavy materials or drums can be a dangerous everyday occurrence in a variety of industries.

Valley Craft provides innovative solutions to solve your everyday drum handling and material handling concerns. Whether it is a simple hand brake or our sophisticated hydraulic powered clamps, lifts, and dumps – we provide industry leading solutions with employee safety as our first priority.


The right equipment allows employee’s to execute day-to-day tasks quickly and correctly. Time wasting activities such as, getting on and off a forklift or manually unloading a cart can add up.

Valley Craft’s thoughtfully designed equipment allows employees to execute day-to-day tasks quickly and safely.


Our heavy gauge, all-welded steel and aluminum products are made in the U.S.A. and built to last. Engineered to provide years of trouble-free use, Valley Craft products deliver the rugged dependability and long life that Professionals rely upon.

Valley Craft Powered Drum Hand Truck - Steel, (4) Wheels (2) Solid Rubber | standard chime hook

Powered Drum truck

Valley Craft’s Powered Drum Truck was designed to take the manual effort out drum handling. This battery powered drum truck self-propels up to 1.4MPH while effortlessly balancing the load on 4 wheels. Its sleek design will fit through doorways, up ramps, down narrow aisles, and around tight corners.

• Steel 30 or 55 Gallon Drums
• 800 lb. capacity
• Powered Forward and Reverse
• Hand Brake
• Hands Free Drum Latch & Release
• 24V Battery & Charger
• Pneumatic or Solid Rubber Wheel
• Adjustable Drive Speed
• Fully Assembled
• Made in the U.S.A.

Valley Craft Drum Clamp Tilt & Rotate Powered Forklift Attachment, Ultra Grip - Battery Powered Clamp/120° Forward Tilt/360° Rotation, 2000 lb. Capacity

Ultra Grip - Drum Clamp, Tilt, and Rotate

Valley Craft’s Ultra Grip – Drum Clamp, Tilt, & Rotate Forklift Attachment is Self-Powered allowing the forklift driver to maneuver drums with a hand held remote while never leaving the seat of his forklift. With 360° rotation and 120° forward tilt this is the most safe & versatile drum handler in the market.

•  Steel, Plastic, or Fiber Drums
•  2,000 lb. Capacity
•  Hydraulic Powered Jaws
•  360° Rotation in Both Directions
•  120° Forward Tilt
•  Variable Speed Control
•  Adjustable Grip Pressure
•  (2) 12V Batteries & Charger
•  Fully Assembled
•  Made in the U.S.A

Valley Craft Powered Self-Dumping Hopper - Forklift Powered, 2 yd³, 6000 lb. Capacity

Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper

Valley Craft’s Patent Pending Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper connects directly to the forklift allowing the operator to use in cab forklift controls to dump and retract the hopper from the seat of his forklift. The hydraulic actuator allows full control of the dumping and retracting process.

•  1 & 2 Cubic Yard Hoppers
•  2K, 4K, & 6K Capacities
•  Ensures Complete Tilt & Empty
•  Powered Dump & Return
•  Easy Auxiliary Port Connection
•  Quick 5 Second Cycle Time
•  Convenient Forklift Controls
•  Optional Casters for Versatility
•  Fully Assembled
•  Made in the U.S.A.