Facility, Safety, & Storage

Gas Cylinder Storage Cabinets are the perfect product to assist with organization and security. Utilizing these storage cabinets prevent your gas cylinders from unsafe tipping, rolling, or handling while assisting with OSHA and NFPA compliance. Utilizing 14 gauge steel, expanded metal, and a fully welded construction – these units will stand the test of time indoors and out.

Heavy Duty Shelving is built to last and withstand years of rigorous use. Comprised of heavy duty 10 and 12 gauge material, this shelving was designed to handle and store the heaviest of products or material. Units are available in an open (standard 4-way access) or an enclosed (back and sides closed, 1-way access) option. 

Post Protectors are the perfect solution for protecting posts, products, equipment, and employees. Eliminate accidental damage (from forklifts or pallet trucks) to your posts and products on the shelving while improving employee safety. Constructed of thick ¼” steel, 3 gauge, these post protectors are virtually indestructible.