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Beverage Industry Solutions

Valley Craft has collaborated with leading beverage distributorss to provide material handling solutions that fit their unique needs. From specialty hand trucks to standard operation solutions, our knowledgeable sales and engineering teams can assist you in reaching your goals.

Our innovative solutions protect product from damage while improving productivity and enhancing employee safety.

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Valley Craft 2-Wheel Commerical Hand Truck, Curved Back - Hand Brake, Aluminum, (2) Pneumatic, 600 lb. Capacity, used for Beverage/Keg/Cylinders

Curved Back Commercial Hand Trucks

Curved back conforms to barrels and other cylinder-shaped items. Curved Back Commercial Hand Trucks are designed for regular heavy duty use throughout your facility or on the run. Commonly used for beverage delivery and handling, these hand trucks are built to withstand the most rigorous use.  

Valley Craft Nursery Hand Truck, Containerized Plants/Trees

Flat Back Commercial Hand Trucks

Best everyday hand truck for rigorous universal needs! Flat Back Commercial Hand Trucks are fully welded and built to withstand a variety of environments and elements. Products are shipped fully assembled, ready-to-use, and are made in the U.S.A.

Valley Craft 4-Wheel Pallet Hand Truck - Steel, (2) Pneumatic

4-Wheel Deep Frame Pallet Trucks

Efficiently load, transport and store various product with ease. The 4-wheel design improves the operators control and maneuverability while reducing fatigue. The deep frame provides an added 6” height of capacity and 19” skid rails that protect operators from heavy loads falling back. 

Valley Craft Parts Cart - 84", 5x10" Pockets

Adjustable Height Work tables

Valley Craft’s Adjustable Height Work Tables are constructed of heavy duty 14 gauge steel, built to last, and are ideal for permanent or temporary workstations. Ergonomically friendly, these tables go from 28-42” in height, adjustable on 2” increments. Legs quickly unfasten to fold down for convenient transport or storage.

F82435A8_1 Valley Craft Standard Heavy Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving is built to last and withstand years of rigorous use. Comprised of heavy duty 10 and 12 gauge material, this shelving was designed to handle and store the heaviest of products or material. Units are available in an open (standard 4-way access) or an enclosed (back and sides closed, 1-way access) option.

Valley Craft Packaged Goods Cart -

Utility Carts

Make stocking, picking, and transporting parts or products quick and efficient.  Made from fully welded heavy duty 12 gauge steel these carts are some of the most durable in the market. Shelf sizing is available in a variety of options to fit your needs, ranging from 36 x 18” to 60 x 30”.  All 2-shelf, 3-shelf, and 4-shelf utility carts have a powder coat finish for a premium look that holds up over time.