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Window & Door Handling Solutions

Valley Craft has collaborated with leading window, door, and glass manufacturers to provide material handling solutions that fit their unique needs. From standard carts to customized solutions, our knowledgeable sales and engineering teams can assist you in reaching your goals.

Our innovative solutions protect work-in-process and finished goods from damage while improving productivity, enhancing employee safety, and optimizing workflow organization and control.

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Valley Craft Parts Cart - 84", 5x10" Pockets

Parts Carts

Pick, organize, transport, and store extrusions, sashes, or other small parts horizontally using our parts carts. The vinyl bags assist in organizing parts while protecting them from damage. Our unique 6-wheel design allows the cart to turn within itself in tight spaces and narrow aisles.

Valley Craft Frame Cart -

Frame Carts

Transport your in-process and finished materials safely and ergonomically using our frame carts. The roller base allows easy loading. The UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) plastic guides prevent product damage, and our unique 6-wheel design delivers a zero-turn radius for tight spaces and narrow aisles.

Valley Craft Packaged Goods Cart -

Packaged Goods Carts

Organize and store a variety of packaged materials safety using our packaged goods carts. The UHMW plastic skid plate allows easy loading and unloading of packaged materials while keeping them safe from wear or damage. The upright posts with adjustable horizontal crossbars provide customized, safe storage for products of varying sizes.