4-Wheel Deep Frame Pallet Trucks

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Valley Craft’s 4-Wheel Pallet Trucks have (2) 13 3/4” forks and are designed for use with or without Valley Craft mini-pallets. The 4-wheel design improves the operators control and maneuverability while reducing fatigue. The deep frame provides an added 6” height of capacity and 19” skid rails that protect operators from heavy loads falling back. Efficiently load, transport and store various product with ease. Commonly used within facilities and for delivery trucks on the go. These heavy duty hand trucks have a 1,000 lb. load capacity and are easily maneuvered using the rubber grip twin handles. Built-in over-sized fenders help improve the stability and protection of your load during transport.

This hand truck is available in a steel or aluminum frame, and with front wheel options of pneumatic or solid rubber (rear casters included). Heavy 14 gauge steel frames can handle the toughest, most rigorous use and environments. Aluminum frames are lighter weight which makes them easier to maneuver, and are spark resistant which is required for certain environments. (2) 12” front pneumatic wheels and (2) 8” rear casters make handling heavy loads or maneuvering over various terrain simple. The (2) front solid rubber wheels and (2) 6” rear casters options provides premium durability and simplified handling of heavy loads. 1” steel axels are fully enclosed in a protective housing with sealed bearings to improve the durability, functionality, and longevity of your unit.

The foot operated trip spring allows the forks to fold up or down for improved handling and convenient storage. When the forks are folded up it can take up less storage space, especially if stored against a wall or in a delivery truck. When the forks are folded down, it allows the operator to conveniently push the hand truck and have the forks on the ground to slide under your desired pallet. Once your pallet is on top of your forks, the operator can tilt the hand truck up to lock the forks in place and tilt back to simply break-over the load and begin to transport your items.

Valley Craft’s Pallet Trucks are fully welded and built to withstand a variety of environments and elements. Products are shipped fully assembled, ready-to-use, and made in the U.S.A.